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How to use the LEWITT Instagram filter

Mar 11, 2020 2 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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1. Open our page on Instagram and tap the on the filter icon.

LEWITT Instagram filter - Which mic are you?

2. Tap on the image with the caption that says ‘Which LEWITT mic are you?’ and it will bring you to this screen.

Which mic are you? - LEWITT Instagram Filter

3. Once you enter the effect, the face tracker will automatically recognize where to put the caption. Make sure sound is enabled. To launch the selector, hold the record button first and then tap anywhere on the screen. Keep holding the button. 

IG Filter - LEWITT

4. After the effect has scrolled for 8 seconds the answer will be selected. You may now release the record button. The effect should playback to you. Tag us in your story and hit share!

Instagram filter - Which mic are you?

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