To show you what the LCT 441 FLEX can do, Warren Huart wrote and recorded a song on the spot using only this mic!

"I had a lot of fun with this one! Please don’t mind the lyrics, I couldn’t thinking of anything better than “baby don’t go” and “baby oh please don’t go” haha! I love doing these videos because it shows us how versatile this mic is! It’s a fantastic mic, it’s very well built, and I think it’s incredibly well priced."

In this video, Warren used the LCT 441 FLEX to record drums, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, piano and vocals

LCT 440 Teaser

1" true condenser cardioid microphone with top-of-the-line technology.

LCT 441 FLEX teaser

1″ multi-pattern studio microphone.

LCT 540 S
LCT 540 S

Cutting-edge microphone for ultra-detailed sound images.