Paul Vnuk Jr wrote a very informative review of the LCT 940, published in Recording - the magazine for the recording musician.

Conclusio: "The 940 is battle-ready and solidly built, just as I have come to expect from LEWITT. Designed in Austria and built in a company-owned Chinese factory, the LCT 940 sports a very European styling and nothing on this mic looks or feels cheap. The external power supply is a similarly Euro-styled black box. Visually it reminds me of a high-end piece of home audio equipment.

[...] this is one of the quietest tube mics I have used... the LEWITT website has the full story, but I can note here that the LCT 940’s rated self-noise is 12 to 13 dBA in tube mode and only 8 to 9 dBA in solid-state.

[...] The tube side of the mic and the blending capabilities really surprised me. While it’s not as aggressive as the tube blending on UA’s 710 series preamps, it’s not a subtle effect either! Moving from solid state to tube offers a pronounced change that fills out the sound like pouring warm honey from a pitcher. It’s just a nice sheen of sweetness that envelops the sound and ultimately adds to this mic’s versatility and pads and filters, rather than a workhorse, I would instead label the LCT 940 as a highly artistic mic with a wide range of tonal variation that can be caressed and carved to fit a plethora of applications, all with a hint of beauty and sweetness.

At $1499 street price it’s not cheap, but it’s in line with many other tube mics; beauty this nice has a price. And no other tube mic at any price has this level of tonal variation."



LCT 940 Teaser
LCT 940

Clear and crisp FET sound.
Warm and rich tube sound.
One microphone.