LCT 440 PURE studio reference mic

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Recording Magazine

"The LCT 440 PURE does have a sound to it that is forward, open, and clear, but with a subtle richness to keep it out of the strident uber-bright realm.

Given that, there is no place or source where I would be hesitant to use the LCT 440 PURE. Despite its slimmed-down feature set compared to its siblings, it provides the LEWITT sound through and through.

This is an entry-level mic that no studio would ever outgrow! In fact, at this low price, I would recommend that beginners consider purchasing a pair of LCT 440 PURE models for dual-mic and stereo work. If you don’t need multiple patterns yet, and you use your mic preamp and/or DAW for highpass filtering (gain control at the preamp isn’t the same as a pad on the mic itself), you can get two wonderfully clean mics that will do great service in all sorts of applications for about the same price as a single LCT 450, and for far less than the fancier LCT models. 

With a price that fills in a tier below that of the previously least expensive LCT mic, yet offering great sound and a complete set of accessories in the box, the LCT 440 PURE is an exceptional investment in any studio’s mic locker."

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