In diesem Review hat Phil O'Keefe vom Electronic Musician das LCT 940 genau unter die Lupe genommen und es mit 8 anderen Mikrofonen verglichen.

Conclusion: "Mics with both tube and solid-state signal paths are extremely rare, and the LCT 940 is the only one I’ve seen that can blend between a warm, fat tube sound and a clean, clear FET sound in any ratio.

This mic is open-sounding and very detailed, but not hyped or harsh. Even without the FET/tube signal-path blending, the many different low-frequency rolloff settings and polar patterns provide exceptional sonic adjustability. This is the first LEWITT I’ve tried, but it won’t be the last - I’m very impressed that a single mic can give this degree of versatility, and fit so well with a wide range of sound sources."

LCT 940 Teaser
LCT 940

Klare, knackige FET-Präzision.
Warmer, reichhaltiger Röhrenklang.
Ein Mikrofon.