Live vocals

Our live vocal microphones provide high gain before feedback, powerful vocal sounds, sturdiness, and reliability.


MTP 250 Teaser
MTP 250 DM

The first-choice dynamic handheld microphone for ambitious singers.

MTP 550 Teaser
MTP 550 DM

High gain before feedback, low handling noise, zero hassle.
The new vocal performance standard.

MTP 840 Teaser
MTP 840 DM

Feature-rich dynamic handheld microphone for exceptionally clean sound.


MTP 350 Teaser
MTP 350 CM

Professional wired handheld condenser microphone for highly detailed sound.

MTP 740 Teaser
MTP 740 CM

Handheld performance microphone with a 1″ studio condenser capsule. 

MTP 940 Teaser
MTP 940 CM

True condenser studio technology in a handheld body.