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Review LCT 640

Jordan Reynolds von RecordingHacks hat einen informativen Testbericht über das LCT 640 veröffentlicht.

Jun 20, 2012 5 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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This image shows Brian Vibberts recording with his LCT 640 studio condenser microphone

Jordan Reynolds von RecordingHacks hat einen informativen Testbericht über das LCT 640 veröffentlicht.

Conclusion: "Like all good quality microphones it doesn’t feel cheap or fragile in one’s hand. [...]  I really like the rectangular shape and all black finish to the microphone. If I were smart enough to design my own microphones I think I’d follow a similar cosmetic style.

This microphone really took the transients in my voice like a champ. [...] My voice really cuts through and sounds very much “in your face.” The upper mids have just the right amount of presence — ideal for voice over. Ok, are we sure this isn’t a tube microphone? Wow! The sound is so warm and rich; it really flatters my voice. The low mids have just the right amount of presence without producing that unnatural boomy radio DJ sound. What’s fantastic is that it still captured all of the vocal texture in the highs. After listening to this sample I decided the LCT 640 is easily one of the best LDC microphones I’ve ever heard on my voice.

Just when you thought the LCT 640 was only a good vocal mic it proved you wrong. For just a mono recording I felt that the mic really captured the whole spectrum of the guitar quite well. Very true to the source. There was the right amount of body and low end without sounding tubby. The sound of the pick hitting the strings sounds beautiful to my ears.

The Lewitt LCT 640 is the most versatile microphone I have ever used. I couldn’t get this mic to sound bad on anything. It was just way too easy to get a quality sound. Present, clear, and soft are the words that come to mind when describing this amazing microphone. It also has incredibly low self-noise. Noise was never an issue even at higher gain levels. I can’t even really give specific placement or usage tips because it’s just so easy to get a good sound with this mic. Let your vocalist practically eat and spit on the microphone; it sounds good. Have your vocalist sing from 1–2 feet away; it sounds good. I rarely find it this easy to get such a fantastic sound with other microphones.

[...] Amazing sound and build quality, HPF, pad, and 5 polar patterns all for the street price of $800!? That’s insane! If you’ve been searching for the holy grail of all-purpose, versatile microphones look no further."

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