Picture of LEWITT CEO Roman Perschon

Roman Perschon
CEO and Founder

Spending half of the year in China to stay in touch with production and the other half in Vienna at the HQ, Roman holds all organisational strings together. There is no real favorite mic, to him it's more about facing a new challenge, developing something really new. It's the "taking it one step further" thought, that drives him - and his company.

Picture of LEWITT Head of Sales Mike van der Logt

Mike van der Logt
Head of Sales

Sales veteran and unbeatable in music trivia. Getting across an exhibition show-floor together will take you ages - it's just 6 feet per hand-shake to the max. Owns the most accurately maintained contact database. Mac only. Forever. Favorite microphone: the LCT 940. For now.

Head of Product Development Christian Walter

Christian Walter
Head of R&D

If he would work for the MI6, Chris would be Q. Chris brings our ambitious ideas to reality with amazing speed. Fluent in Chinese and C++. Favorite microphone: DGT 650 as it combines all aspects of engineering - analog and digital electronics, signal processing and acoustics.

Product Manager Moritz Lochner

Moritz Lochner
Head of Product Management

In charge of all hard- and software development together with a million of other stuff and a true gear-head. His favorite mic is at the moment the LCT 640 TS as it still surprises with new and unexpected use-cases and possible applications.

Head of Marketing Steffen Grachegg

Steffen Grachegg
Head of Marketing

Steffen Grachegg is in charge of all brand related topics, from packaging to marketing planning. He's with LEWITT since the very beginning. Favorite mic: MTP 440 DM for its nice and clean looks. DGT 650 because it rocks.