Our beliefs.

We believe ...

great sound is for everyone.

We want to make you sound sensational whether you're recording or performing at home, on stage, or in the studio, as a beginner or professional.

Great sound is not achieved by great equipment alone. It’s your skill set, mood, confidence, and drive that enable fantastic results. We create gear that aims to reduce technical barriers, but we also aim to educate and inspire.

For more than ten years, our company's claim has been "Make yourself heard," and we mean it.

We believe ...

in an inclusive, open-minded, and forward-thinking workplace.

People are the core of LEWITT. Our goal is to form teams that can let the magic happen and create a drive that allows us to enjoy work fully. We all value each other’s talents and contributions; without them, our success would not be possible.

Striving for excellence mobile
Striving for excellence

We believe ...

in empowering individuals to make their own decisions.

We take decisions based on expertise and reason, not on hierarchy. As a team, we train, mentor, and lead through culture to help each other make better decisions. We don't want unnecessary rule books and bureaucratic processes, and empowerment is not only a necessity to get closer to our vision but an integral part of it.

We believe ...

curiosity and collaboration fuel innovation.

We love serendipity, the constant pursuit of great ideas by being curious. Of course, we can discover something interesting by chance, but we need an entrepreneurial mind to create something valuable from it.

Our most extraordinary ideas are often sparked by discovering new technologies, a problem shared by the support team, or something we observed in a recording session.

We come up with our best ideas by being mindful, listening carefully, and connecting the dots. And in the end, you can't tell who started the process as we are all part of it.


We believe ...

in building products that significantly improve our customers experience.

At LEWITT, we build products focused on user needs. As audio production and content creation become increasingly democratized, we want to provide the right tools to push this movement further. We usually start by looking at workflows, detecting technical friction points, and generally things that take you "out of the zone" while creating. And only then do we start thinking about how we can improve and what product features make sense.

We want you to be able to focus on creativity with technology that inspires, not distracts. Every product is not only developed by us but by the whole audio community.

We believe ...

in cutting edge technologies that make a difference to our customers.

We love technology and strive to be a high-tech company. Yet, technology is never its own end. Technology's purpose is to enable a fantastic user experience, provide a better workflow, and yield better results for you, the user.

This often means hiding the tech underneath the hood, removing technical barriers, and allowing complete focus on what matters for your workflow.

LEWITT employee
LEWITT employee

We believe ...

in always striving for excellence.

You will see the same attention to detail and quality in our most expensive and affordable products. This approach also extends beyond our physical products. Our website, our content production, our workflows, our team meetings, all that we do is an expression of this striving for excellence.

One example is our internal communication. We offer Chinese, English, and German courses and employ two full-time language teachers. We are invested in this because we have offices on three continents with team members from more than 20 nationalities, and we want to ensure that we all can communicate effectively.

We believe ...

in acting sustainable with a long term goal in mind.

For us, being sustainable means making the most impact with limited resources. That’s why we aim for holistic decisions with long-term goals in mind while caring about the well-being of everybody who works at LEWITT. To our product development process, sustainability means taking our time to get things right so you can enjoy your products for a long time.  

We ask ourselves what we can do as an audio brand with the most significant impact ecologically. Replacing a plastic bag inside the packaging with a biodegradable one is easy, and we do it. But does it make an impact?

While it is easy to appear green, we found that making a substantial difference is not as easy. For us, the most significant potential lies in the energy use and resources required to build our products. To ensure that we spend energy wisely, we strive to create long-lasting products with increased repairability and long-term support.

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