Full flexibility with 8 polar patterns.LCT 441 FLEX

  • 1" Multi-pattern studio microphone
  • Pure studio sound quality
  • Studio allrounder
  • High-end specifications
  • Eight polar patterns incl. three reversed ones
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LCT 441 FLEX front
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LCT 441 FLEX front
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Polar patterns

Full flexibility with 8 polar patterns.

The LCT 441 FLEX is a compact multi-pattern studio microphone. It features high-spec technology and eight different polar patterns. You'll be more flexible when it comes to recording different instruments and vocals. It also allows switching between high directivity or more room impression and provides freedom to experiment.

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Capture all the emotion of your performance.

The 1" true condenser capsule of the LCT 441 FLEX captures your instruments and vocals with an impressive amount of depth and clarity. Every single one of our capsules is tested according to the highest quality standards. At LEWITT, we completely measure every single microphone before it gets to you. Only this way, we can be sure that you can make every detail of your sound count.

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Pristine studio sound quality.

The LCT 441 FLEX features a very low self-noise of only 7 dB (A) and handles ear-shattering sound pressure levels of up to 144 dBSPL. 


You set the direction.

With the LCT 441 FLEX, you can easily change the overall recording direction with a push of a button. This is practical in front of guitar speakers, for drum recordings, and as a room microphone.

LCT 441 FLEX marshall amplifier multi pattern mobile
LCT 441 FLEX marshall amplifier multi pattern

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Condenser, externally polarized

Acoustical operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer


3 micron gold sputtered Mylar

Transducer Ø

25.4 mm, 1 in

Polar pattern

Omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, supercardioid, figure-8, reverse cardioid, reverse wide cardioid, reverse supercardioid

Frequency range

20 ... 20,000 Hz


17.2 mV/Pa, -35.3 dBV/Pa


7 dB (A)

Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD

144 dBSPL

Signal / noise ratio

87 dB (A)

Dynamic range

137 dB (A)

Supply voltage

48 V ± 4 V

Current consumption

4 mA 

Internal impedance

54 Ω


Gold plated 3-pin XLR

Microphone enclosure

Zinc die cast

Microphone dimensions

138 x 52 x 36 mm, 5.43 x 2.04 x 1.42 in

Microphone net weight

325 g, 11.5 oz

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Microphones measured according to: IEC 60268-4 | Phantom power according to: IEC 61938 | Noise measurement according to: IEC 60268-1

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