Double capsule for twice the kick

Dual-element kick drum microphone with switchable sound characteristics. Suitable for all bass-heavy applications.


Put more Boom in your Cha!

The DTP 640 REX features an innovative dual element design, that combines a dynamic and a condenser capsule in one housing. Switchable frequency responses make for kick-drum sounds that are rich and intense or flat and neutral. In order to ensure full control over the two elements, each has a dedicated output.


Dual-Element Technology

Dynamic and condenser in one

We have put two perfectly phase aligned microphones in one housing. This enables you to shape the kick drum sound in unique ways. The dynamic element ensures accurate reproduction of kick drum attack, while the condenser element captures the drum's low end. Each element has a dedicated output. 

DTP 640 REX capsules
DTP 640 REX capsules

Enhanced Frequency Response

3 sound-shaping modes

Dynamic =//= Condenser 


Both elements with neutral frequency response.


Dynamic +//= Condenser 

Dynamic element boosts frequencies between 3 and 5 kHz, condenser stays neutral.


Dynamic +//+ Condenser

Dynamic for range 3-5 kHz, condenser for frequencies 70-150 Hz to deliver full bodied sound.

DTP 640 REX soundshaping modes
DTP 640 REX soundshaping modes

Sturdy metal enclosure


// Solid die-cast metal body


// Hardened hexagonal ruthenium-galvanized steel mesh grille


// Integrated stand adapter for quick and easy mounting and positioning

The universal tool for bass-heavy applications

DTP 640 REX capturing bass

Sound samples

"The 640 REX kick mic works with everything. It's my secret weapon."

Fela Davis

Fela Davis is mixing front of house for the 5-time Grammy award winning jazz artist Christian McBride.

Fela Davis with her reference dynamic condenser microphone DTP 640 REX

"Having a switch to change from 3 different frequency ranges between the two capsules gives me many options to work with." 

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a professional audio engineer, who has worked as FOH with artists such as the Tony-award-winning Million Dollar Quartet.

Chris Wilson with his reference condenser dynamic studio and live microphone DTP 640 REX

"The low end is really solid, without having to add EQ. The high end is really snappy."

Rick Camp

Rick Camp is a professional FOH and audio engineer, having worked with top performers such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Madonna, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez,...

Rick Camp loves his high quality condenser dynamic reference microphone DTP 640 REX [Photo © Jorina King]

What's in the box

DTP 640 REX box content


"You get a thumping dynamic microphone capsule that really delivers the punch and force of the kick as well as an electret condenser that adds clarity and definition to the snap and extended low frequency response that this microphone is capable of capturing. The result, once fed through two channels of a mixer and balanced to suit the drum, is really something special. I have never heard any kick microphone like this before."  

Rob Gee, Mixdown magazine 


Double capsule for twice the kick

Thanks to its Dual-Element Technology and fine-tuned frequency responses the DTP 640 REX offers unparalleled, powerful sound that will impress drummers and sound engineers alike. The DTP 640 REX is equipped with a high-quality dynamic element and a condenser element – the dynamic element ensures accurate reproduction of the bass drum kick, while the condenser element captures the rich low frequency sound of the drum’s shell. In order to guarantee full control over the two elements, they can be mixed, each using its own channel. The DTP 640 REX provides 3 sound-shaping modes: "Linear" captures the sound in a natural way. "Dynamic Enhanced Frequency Response" has the dynamic element boosts frequencies between 3 and 5 kHz while the condenser stays neutral. "Dual Enhanced Frequency Response" delivers the ultimate full-bodied sound by having the dynamic element focuses on the 3 and 5 kHz-range while the condenser element focuses on frequencies from 70 to 150 Hz to deliver full body sound. Each element has its output! Combining these features with the comprehensive tonal freedom of Dual-Element Technology opens up a wide range of use, turning the DTP 640 REX into a universal tool for bass-heavy applications.



Dynamic, moving coil, Condenser, permanently polarized

Acoustical operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer

Transducer Ø

31.7 mm, 1.25 in

Transducer Ø

22.4 mm, 0.88 in

Polar pattern


Frequency range (dynamic)

20 ... 16,000 Hz

Frequency range (condenser)

20 ... 20,000 Hz

EFR, ‘Enhanced Frequency Response' settings
Sensitivity, = // = FFR

0.4 mV/Pa (-69 dBV), dynamic
2 mV/Pa (-54 dBV), condenser

Sensitivity, + // = Dynamic EFR

0.4 mV/Pa, -69 dBV/Pa, dynamic
2 mV/Pa, -54 dBV/Pa, condenser

Sensitivity, + // + Dual EFR

Condenser and dynamic matched at 1 mV/Pa, -60 dBV

Equivalent noise level

28 dB (A)

Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD

150 dBSPL, 0 dB pre-attenuation

Dynamic range of mic. amp. (condenser)

122 dB

Pre-attenuation pad

 0 dB
-10 dB
-20 dB

Rated impedance dynamic

500 Ω

Rated impedance condenser

200 Ω

Supply voltage

48 V ± 4 V

Current consumption

2 mA 


Gold plated 3-pin and 5-pin XLR


1.5 m (4.95’) dual shielded Y-cable, 5-pin XLR into two 3-pin XLRs

Microphone dimensions

71 dia. x 158 mm, 2.8 dia. x 6.2 in

Microphone net weight

755 g, 27.3 oz

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Microphones measured according to: IEC 60268-4
Phantom power according to: IEC 61938
Noise measurement according to: IEC 60268-1