True love for great sound unites us. 

How we make our products the best they can be.

Mar 24, 2022 5 min read

Thomas K. Tobias
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Have you ever wondered how we produce our cutting-edge microphones? This blog lets you in on our product philosophy, engineering, production, measurement, and quality control.

Every product starts with a collaborative process.

When developing new products, we involve audio engineers, producers, and musicians early on. We talk about needed features, user pain points, and problems that occur during audio productions together we brainstorm how we could solve them. 

Only with this holistic perspective, can we change the status quo of microphone designs.

Harmony Samuels
Moritz Lochner, COO and Head of Product Management in the studio with Grammy award winner Harmony Samuels (Ariana Grande, Janet Jackson, Machine Gun Kelly, ...)

Designed and engineered in Austria.

With a diverse team of 100+ employees representing 20+ nationalities and over 1,000,000 microphones sold, LEWITT has become one of the fastest-growing microphone brands.


One part of our success is our user-focused approach to engineering, and the other is our modern production method.

Our vision is to make it easy as possible to express yourself with exceptional sound. That includes approachable product features, communication, and pricing. 


Our diverse team of acoustic engineers, electronic engineers, and product managers is well-connected to the music industry, some of them even are active musicians or touring audio engineers. At our headquarters in Vienna, we develop our product ideas, create prototypes, and design new ways to overcome technical limitations.

Electronics LEWITT

This process also includes looking for technical solutions that allow us to produce high-end products very cost-efficiently. Part of why LEWITT microphones are affordable is because they are well-designed.

Proudly produced in China.

The other part is production. Instead of shipping components around the globe, we'll source them where they are produced, allowing us to accomplish the outstanding price-performance ratio LEWITT microphones are renowned for.

Together with our fantastic teams in Europe, China, and the US, we have set up an international infrastructure that allows us to be close to the users and make our products cost-efficient at the same time. 

We invested hard work in our automated quality control system, which allows us to measure and test every single microphone we produce, adjust sensitivities, and ultimately make sure that you get a consistent and reliable tool for your creativity. 

Consistent quality is a pillar of our product philosophy.

LEWITT measurement

Every team member deserves appreciation.

Since one part of our identity is Chinese, we strive to embrace our diversity and dispel misconceptions about overseas manufacturing. We already talked about our approach to product quality, but the Made in China label also has other connotations.


Our common goal within the company is to create equal conditions for all team members, regardless of where they live. 

  • Remote work flexibility for more time for friends and family
  • 5-day working weeks
  • Uniform working hours
  • Uniform overtime policy
  • Team-building activities
  • Epic product release parties 

We have free Chinese lessons at our HQ in Austria and free English lessons at our offices in China. And that's pretty rad because it reinforces LEWITT’s culture of working together and learning from each other.

The world is confusing enough at times, but we sincerely believe that people first and foremost want to be there for each other and learn from each other. 

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