WILL with the MTP 250 DM

MTP 250 DM

The perfect entry for every stage

The first-choice dynamic handheld microphone for ambitious singers.


Dynamic microphone for ambitious vocal performances

The frequency response of the MTP 250 DM capsule is tailored specifically for vocals. It provides consistently rich and powerful output in any live environment, allowing your voice to cut through the mix. The MTP 250 DMs additionally offers an on/off switch. 

MTP 250

Lowest handling noise

Our internal dual shock mount system achieves the most effective handling noise elimination. Refined rubber suspensions provide the best possible dampening of unwanted structure-borne noise caused by hand-movement. 

MTP 250 capsule
MTP 250 capsule


The MTP 250 DM has an amazingly consistent polar pattern across its entire frequency spectrum. Everything below the LEWITT ring can be gripped by the artist's hand. The outstanding rear rejection of -25 dB guarantees super-high gain before feedback.

A woman's hand holding an MTP 250 microphone during a performance
A woman's hand holding an MTP 250 microphone during a performance

Maximum ruggedness

The structure-in-structure architecture provides the basis for the MTP series' ruggedness. The outside enclosure of wire-mesh cup and ring is made of sturdy spring steel while the body consists of durable zinc die cast parts. The inner enclosure is made of resilient but lightweight nylon reinforced ABS. This design ensures the best possible protection for rough daily touring routines.

MTP 250 maximum ruggedness
MTP 250 maximum ruggedness

Sound samples

Gino Scarim with the LEWITT MTP 250 DM dynamic mic

"There's nothing better than LEWITT!"

Gino Scarim

Gino Scarim is Sound and FoH engineer, Tour Manager and owner of Red Door Recording Studio in Fox River Grove,IL. 

What's in the box

MTP 250 box content

"As a stage microphone, you want something that will bring your vocals forward in the mix and make you stand right out. That is exactly what you get from the MTP250DM, as it is voiced just right for vocals. With excellent side rejection, allowing your voice only to be captured, keeping feedback to a minimum, there is a very clear and precise high frequency responses with this microphone that one would usually only expect of a condenser microphone."  

Rob Gee, Mixdown Magazine 

MTP 250 DM

The perfect entry for every stage

As a professional vocal artist, you should have your own performance microphone. Honestly. Every FOH engineer will second that. Besides which, you never know who used your mic before … and how. The MTP 250 DM is the first choice dynamic handheld microphone for ambitious singers. The MTP 250 DM focuses on the main qualities of a professional handheld performance microphone – high gain before feedback, detailed, rich and modern sound, easy handling and ruggedness. The MTP 250 DM' capsule is fully rubber-mounted, ensuring exceptionally low handling noise. A built-in spherical wind shield and pop filter compliments the specially tailored frequency response to provide rich and powerful output in any setting. The switch on the MTP 250 DMs variant efficiently prevents accidental operation. The MTP 250 DM delivers beautiful and detailed sound with a nice and rich mid-range – you will definitely love calling this microphone your own.


Acoustical operating principle

Dynamic, moving coil

Polar pattern


Frequency range

60 ... 18,000 Hz


2 mV/Pa, -54 dBV/Pa

Internal impedance

280 Ω

Rated load impedance

1,000 Ω


Gold plated 3-pin XLR

Microphone dimensions

49 dia. x 175 mm, 1.9 dia. x 6.9 in

Microphone net weight

335 g, 11.8 oz

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Microphones measured according to: IEC 60268-4
Phantom power according to: IEC 61938
Noise measurement according to: IEC 60268-1