Eivør using the MTP 940 CM [Photo © Sarah Schad]

Eivør is a Faroese singer-songwriter with a distinctive voice and a wide range of interests in various musical genres running from rock to jazz, folk, pop, and European classical music.

She’s a prolific creator of music for TV and film productions, with composition credits including the Netflix US series Suits and the movies The Girl on The Train with Emily Blunt and Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg, as well as the TV series Downtown Abbey and The Last Kingdom together with Grammy-winning composer John Lynn. Eivør’s most recent work was for Sony’s game God of War, thanks to which her vocals and music have now been heard in millions of gamers’ homes! 

Eivør on her experiences with LEWITT microphones:

“I’ve been singing professionally since I was 13 years old and I was using the same vocal microphone all of that time. Then in 2017 my sound and live experience on stage changed once I was introduced to LEWITT microphones. The band loves their sound as do I my lead vocal. My MTP 940 CM giving me warmth and clarity to my vocal. This is a major part of my live show! I never go anywhere in the world without my trusty LEWITT! “ 

Check out this mesmerizing performance of Eivør's song "Bridges"

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