About us

What we stand for

Make yourself heard.

From capturing the spark of an idea, to mixing a perfect recording, your creativity defines the way you work. It also defines the way we build microphones. At LEWITT, we create tools that allow you to focus on your creative process.

That means drawing on our own decades of experience as musicians, engineers, research scientists, and recording professionals to create technically superior, easy-to-use, future-facing products of outstanding quality.

We understand you because we are you. Our own love of sound can be heard in everything we build. Headquartered in Vienna, our work begins with a devotion to technical excellence and ends with a microphone you love.



Developed and engineered in Austria

Neither corporate, nor boutique.

We’re dedicated to making high-end products accessible to a broad audience. We believe that technically superior sound should be available to everyone, regardless of budget. 

From spending countless hours hunched over a laptop to driving a desk in a world-famous studio, we know how it feels to try and capture that perfect sound. After all, we’ve been there, well maybe not in the most famous studios, but surely we know how frustrating it is to compromise on the tools you use.

At LEWITT, we build mics that match your ambition at a price that’s fair. We’re neither a boutique brand nor bound to corporate structures. LEWITT brings you the originality and innovation of a small, dedicated team coupled with the reassurance of buying a product from a company with deep industry roots and strong foundations. 

All of our development and engineering takes place in-house in Vienna, Austria. We are a family of scientists, engineers, musicians, audio enthusiasts, recording nuts and most importantly of all, microphone obsessives.  

Come and visit us. There’s even a pinball machine.

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