Kurt Hugo Schneider feat. Jamie Miller

"7 Rings" Ariana Grande cover

YouTube star Kurt Hugo Schneider teamed up with The Voice star Jamie Miller to cover Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" - recorded with the LCT 940.

In 2007, Kurt Hugo Schneider was a Yale math major and chess prodigy who began uploading videos of music mashups he performed with his childhood friend Sam Tsui. 

Over the years, Schneider's skills as a multiple threat - singer, musician, arranger, producer, editor - and his knack for arranging crowd-pleasing covers with a twist yielded many fans. The self-taught musician recently reached a major milestone, hitting more than 10 million subscribers.

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LCT 940

  • Blend tube and FET circuit at any ratio
  • Studio centrepiece
  • 12AX7 tube
  • Remote control and power supply in one
  • Multi-pattern design


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