Louis VI

"The MTP 940 CM is the best mic I've ever used"

Louis Vi using the MTP 940 CM on rap vocals

The North London rapper & producer, Louis VI, with a background as a jazz drummer takes hip hop to unknown places. Louis VI just released his debut album SUGAR LIKE SALT (check out his single “Free Your Mind” here) 

Louis VI uses the MTP 940 CM om stage: “The MTP 940 DM is really a special microphone, best I've ever used. It sounds obvious but I've performed in a tonne of venues with a tonne of mics and to have a mic that actually properly and honestly amplifies my voice and allows me to have fun with it is really something! It really blew me away how responsive but also how goddamn warm it was. It’s perfect for someone like myself who’s constantly switching between the more aggressive sound pressures of rapping and the softer sound of singing during a performance.”

Here's Louis VI's legendary performance of "Free Your Mind" for Clash Live @ Metropolis Studios

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