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LCT 441 FLEX - Reviews

Jul 26, 2021 5 min read

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LCT 441 FLEX at Baby Microbe Sound

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"Technology shouldn't be about making sure it sounds like the past, [...], I want to hear new amazing stuff. And that's what's going on at LEWITT."

Sound samples in this video: Vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar

From their YouTube channel: Garageband&Beyond is YouTube's longest running channel dedicated to Home Recording tutorials, home recording equipment & guitar reviews + MORE!

Produce Like A Pro

It’s a fantastic mic, it’s very well built, and I think it’s incredibly well priced.

Sound samples in this video: Drums, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals

About Produce Like A Pro (from the YT channel): Creativity is King. I am here to share with you real-world experience! I make music every day and I started with just a Cassette player and an Electric Guitar I built with my Dad! You can make marvellous music on any level of equipment.

User review - Gearspace

"The sound of the 441 FLEX goes abundantly above and beyond its price range. And, again, there are no signs whatsoever of the now all too commonly identifiable bad sonic characteristics of cheap, mass produced Chinese microphone capsules.

Whoever designed and specified this microphone did a fine job, as did whoever oversaw its manufacturing and quality control.

Read the full review on Gearspace by Andrea Flego.

User review - Gearspace

"The first thing that comes across is that the LCT 441 FLEX makes for an excellent vocal microphone. [...]

The LCT 441 FLEX has the familiar LEWITT voice, big and clear without sounding artificially toppy

[...] Another thing that was immediately clear is how well defined the polar patterns are."

Sound samples: Vocals, dulcimer, tin flute, shruti box

Read the full review on Gearspace by Andrea Rocca.

About the author: Andrea Rocca is a composer who is specialized in film and contemporary dance theatre music. From 2004 to 2010 he composed extensively for UK television, with works for Channel4, BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 5. In 2010 he scored Luigi Lo Cascio’s award-winning theatre production La Caccia and the contemporary dance production Frames for Toronto based company Zata Omm Dance Projects. 

Product page - LCT 441 FLEX


  • 1" multi-pattern studio microphone
  • Pure studio sound quality
  • Studio allrounder
  • High-end specifications
  • Eight polar patterns incl. three reversed ones

Included: Shock mount, Magnetic pop filter, Windscreen, Transport bag

LCT 441 FLEX multi-pattern microphone

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