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Mixing contest feat. Saint Agnes - you were awesome!

Jan 21, 2020 4 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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As you may already know, we have been holding mixing contests for some time now. And we know one thing - When they happen, you love them.

We take that to heart. That's why there will be more in the future, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy them.

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It wasn’t an easy recording to mix.

This time the song was exceptionally challenging to mix because it was a recording of a live rock performance. Or put into other words:  


The fading, the energy - it's not so easy to get everything under control unless you follow the approach of letting the chaos run its course anyway - absolutely legitimate in a rock band. 

User Kendrick welcomed the challenge openhearted.



So many of you submitted, it was ca-raz-y.

Nevertheless, not one of you has been intimidated, and you have far exceeded our expectations. We have received thousands of mixes. In order to comply with the evaluation, we had to ask friends from the audio community to help us. And to be honest - there are actually rumors of LEWITT staff waking up in the morning with "Move Like A Ghost" in their heads.


The best thing was, you supported each other.

What really impressed us was the support you gave each other. The vast amount of positive feedback you provided to different mixes, the excellent reception, the great togetherness, all of that created a really lovely atmosphere.

„Thank you for hosting this contest! I've really enjoyed engaging with the community that was created around this contest on Soundcloud, leaving, and receiving feedback. For ONCE, I saw only constructive words and exchanges, and everyone seemed to have the others' best interests in mind. It was a beautiful feeling to feel supported and on the same team as other audio professionals that were participating in this contest, and the track was a super cool and uniquely challenging mix.“ - Matt B




Special thanks to everyone!

Big thanks again to Saint Agnes. Thank you for the outstanding performance at Metropolis Studios, and for giving the community the opportunity to mix such an awesome song.

And a special thanks goes to Oliver who mixed the song in hospital.

“I was the dude mixing this song in the hospital ;) You reposting my Instagram story meant a lot to me when I was going to my health ordeals. Ya know what they say, breaking your arm because you fell over your singer during your show is badass but hurts like hell (let's say I definitely heard MY bones creaking) Happy New Year everyone!”

mixing in the hospital

The whole LEWITT team sends you an endless amount of high-fives.

We are already looking forward to the next contest with all of you!

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