Simon Thomas can look back on 20 years of experience in the music industry and extensive domestic and international touring experience. He started his career as a sound engineer, and more recently added tour and production management. Simon has been running his own production company for over 6 years, and has for a long time been constantly involved with a number of huge clients. As an FOH engineer, he’s worked for Travis, Tracy Chapman, BB King, Kylie Minogue, Moby, Kosheen, Portishead, Machine Head, Placebo, and many others.

We met Simon for a short interview and asked him about his experiences with LEWITT microphones...


[LEWITT] What was your first impression of LEWITT microphones?

[Simon Thomas] The first great impression from LEWITT, in this competitive market place, is the solid well designed and constructed mic’s. It is closely followed, if not bettered by the sound quality which in so many other mic’s can be disappointing after the first impression. There isn’t any Job I can think of where I wouldn’t use LEWITT somewhere in my set up.

[LEWITT] What are you thinking about the MTP 340 CM?

[Simon Thomas] The solid, well designed construction makes a great first impression. And I was pleasantly surprised when I first voiced the mic on my own in the PA. But the true test came when I used it on three backup singers who were all very experienced. What impressed me most was the amount of gain and fade I could achieve before feedback. They’re the kind of mic that allows you to EQ tone for the vocals rather than to control the feedback. The punch was great and they cut throughout the mix; they worked really well when you were right on them, without the popping you often get with some other mics. I will definitely be sticking with the MTP 340 CM.

[LEWITT] And what’s about the MTP 440 DM?

[Simon Thomas] In my opinion, this is the first mic since the 57 that deserves to become an industry standard. It’s a great snare mic all on its own – to say nothing of when you add the bottom mic. I liked the sound of this model very much: the main problem here is that I don’t have enough of them.

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MTP 350 Teaser
MTP 350 CM

Professional wired handheld condenser microphone for highly detailed sound.

MTP 440 Teaser
MTP 440 DM

Highly versatile dynamic instrument microphone.