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What is myLEWITT?

May 27, 2021 2 min read

Thomas K. Tobias
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myLEWITT blog

We have recently launched myLEWITT, an evolving platform where you can get free multitracks, join our legendary music challenges, win microphones, and more to come.

First of all, it's free

What was important to us from the beginning is that the platform offers low-threshold access. Everything from account creation to menu navigation should be simple and also easily expandable, as we plan to continuously add features for you.

Let's get educational.

We are especially excited to give you access to professionally recorded sessions that you can use to improve your skills or just have fun. In the best case, both at the same time. 

There'll also be personalized blog content and a gear locker in the future. We'll let you in on the details as soon as it is in the next development stage. 

Music challenges

You may already know them. Our regular music challenges. Up to now, there has been a wide range of musicians who have cooperated with us and provided you with one of their songs, so you can create your own version.

Being part of a global community

There were great prizes to be won in the music challenges and mixing contests, but the biggest thing for us was always to see you supporting each other. You gave each other tips on how to solve certain problems in the mix, gave encouragement, listened to each other. And we think that's great.  

And that's what myLEWITT should become in the future, a platform where you get support when you need it. To feel part of a community with what you are doing. 

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