DTP Beat Kit 6

DTP Beat Kit 6

Put more boom in your cha!

Versatile 6-piece drum mic kit with one kick mic, three tom mics and two pencil condensers.

Everything you need for rock-solid live sound reinforcement, home recording, and studio recording

This 6-piece drum kit includes one DTP 340 REX and three DTP 340 TT super-cardioid dynamic drum mics, two LCT 140 condenser mics, windshields and drum- and shock-mounting systems, and it all fits in one military-grade protective case.

1x DTP 340 REX

Kick drum microphone with massive low-end

The dynamic DTP 340 REX offers everything you need to mic bass heavy instruments. Linear or enhanced - the DTP 340 REX combines two different sound characters in one microphone. More information on the DTP 340 REX

DTP 340 TT

3x DTP 340 TT

Supercardioid dynamic drum mics

The DTP 340 TT is a wired dynamic microphone specifically designed to accurately capture the sound of drums and percussion instruments. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum isolation of the sound source. More information on the DTP 340 TT

DTP 340 TT
DTP 340 TT

2x LCT 140

Pencil microphone with crystal clear sound

The LCT 140 is a compact 2/3" back-electret condenser microphone. Its low-mass diaphragm delivers an exceptionally clear and natural sound. It is perfect fit for drums, percussion and acoustic instruments. More information on the LCT 140

LCT 140
LCT 140

Sound samples

"When I first used the mics, I was shocked - it sounded like someone had lifted a blanket off my drums!"

Tal Bergman

World-class drummer and producer Tal Bergman has toured and recorded with great artists Billy Idol, Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Simple Minds, LL Cool J, and many more. 

Tal Bergman with his high quality studio and live mics of the Beat Kit 6

What's in the box

Beat Kit 6 box content

DTP Beat Kit 6

Put more Boom and Cha

This 6-piece drum mic kit includes one DTP 340 REX and three DTP 340 TT supercardioid dynamic drum mics, two LCT 140 condenser mics, windshields, and drum- and shock-mounting systems, and it comes in a convenient military-grade protective case. Thanks to frequency response curves that have been carefully optimized for drum and percussion applications, as well as precision dynamic capsules and uniform directional pickup patterns that ensure high gain before feedback, the DTP 340 REX and DTP 340 TT deliver fine-tuned drum sound with extraordinary detail and impact both onstage and in the studio. LEWITT’s highly versatile and compact condenser all-rounder, the LCT 140, enables accurate and clear reproduction of cymbals. Its transformerless design makes it immune to electromagnetic interference, and convenient LED displays and recessed slide switches make it a perfect fit for live applications.