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MTP 940 CM

The handheld studio microphone

True condenser studio technology in a handheld body.


Amazing sound - acoustic precision.

Since it incorporates features of a large-diaphragm multi-pattern condenser microphone into a handheld enclosure, your MTP 940 CM can be used both in the studio and on stage. With its three polar patterns, pre-attenuation and low-cut settings, it is made for a wide range of applications, yet it excels as the perfect microphone for the professional vocalist.

MTP 940 product shot

True 1″ condenser capsule

The MTP 940 CM uses the same technology as our top-of-the-line studio microphones.


// 1″ true condenser capsule


// 3 polar patterns


// 4 micron Mylar dual diaphragm

MTP 940 capsule
MTP 940 capsule

Multi-pattern design

The MTP 940 CM provides 3 polar patterns: cardioid, supercardioid and wide cardioid.

MTP 940 polar patterns
MTP 940 指向图形

The MTP 940 CM provides 3 polar patterns: cardioid, supercardioid and wide cardioid.

Low-cut and attenuation

Adapt to every situation

Low-cut filter: linear, 80 Hz, 160 Hz
Attenuation: 0 dB, -6 dB, -12 dB

MTP 940 pre-attenuation settings
MTP 940 预衰减设置

Low-cut filter: linear, 80 Hz, 160 Hz
Attenuation: 0 dB, -6 dB, -12 dB

Illuminated indicators

Easy handling in dark environment.

The phantom-powered illumination of the setting indicators makes possible quick and accurate setup of the microphone - thus even in complete darkness, it is easy to check or change the settings.

MTP 940 Lights


The MTP 940 CM has an amazingly consistent polar pattern. Even with more than half of the wire-mesh cup covered it will not lose any rear rejection. Everything below the LEWITT ring can be gripped by the artist's hand without causing the FOH engineer to lift even a single finger. The outstanding rear rejection of -25 dB guarantees super-high gain before feedback.

MTP 940 Feedback

Lowest handling noise

We have developed an internal dual shock mount system for the MTP 940 CM in order to achieve the most effective handling noise elimination. Refined rubber suspensions provide the best possible dampening of unwanted structure borne noise caused by hand-movement. That way the artist can focus on the performance while the microphone takes care of the unwanted noise.

MTP handling

Sound samples

"The MTP 940 CM is a crisp sounding and beautifully designed mic. You will be pleasantly surprised with its versatility."

Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth is an unconventional, multi-talented five-piece musical phenomena, that is currently taking the world by storm.

Walk off the earth
Walk off the earth

What's in the box

MTP 940 box content

MTP 940 CM

The handheld studio microphone

Real studio performance onstage: the large-diaphragm capsule of the MTP 940 CM lets your voice be heard in infinite detail and authenticity. Every sound source is reproduced clearly and authentically - while undesired feedback, breath, popping and handling noises are effectively reduced to a minimum. The MTP 940 CM boasts an impressive dynamic range and an unbeatably low self-noise level, making it ideal for studio work. Three switchable polar patterns ease recording of the most diverse sources; from vocals to acoustic instruments and everything else that you are used to recording with a large diaphragm studio microphone. A three-step low-cut filter makes it possible to directly influence the proximity effect, while the mic's three-position pre-attenuation guarantees clean signals even in high-SPL environments. Switchable LEDs allow you to check settings easily when it is dark. The mic’s extremely stable and rugged construction can take even the roughest everyday touring knocks. For everyone who’s always dreamed of taking a high-end studio mic on stage, or having a handheld microphone for the studio, the MTP 940 CM is a perfect choice. 



Condenser, externally polarized

Acoustical operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer

Transducer Ø

25.4 mm, 1 in

Polar pattern

Wide cardioid, cardioid, supercardioid

Frequency range

20 ... 20,000 Hz


10 mV/Pa, -40 dBV/Pa (cardioid)

Equivalent noise level

9 dB (A), cardioid

Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD

144 dBSPL, 0 dB pre-attenuation

Signal / noise ratio

85 dB (A)

Dynamic range

135 dB (A)

Pre-attenuation pad

 0 dB
-6 dB
-12 dB

Low-cut filter

80 Hz (12 dB/oct)
160 Hz (12 dB/oct)

Internal impedance

150 Ω

Rated load impedance

1,000 Ω

Supply voltage

48 V ± 4 V

Current consumption

5.5 mA 


Gold plated 3-pin XLR

Microphone dimensions

51 dia. x 183 mm, 2 dia. x 7.2 in

Microphone net weight

332 g, 11.71 oz

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Microphones measured according to: IEC 60268-4
Phantom power according to: IEC 61938
Noise measurement according to: IEC 60268-1