Atlantic Records NYC just shared their latest news with us - a live recording session with the outstanding singer-songwriter Sebastian Mikael:

"We had a couple vocalists singing with Sebastian Mikael last Thursday so I used the MTP 940 CM handheld condenser mic on the lead and the three MTP 550 DM's on the rest of the vocals. Worked really well and had a very crisp, full sound for the lead. Having a stage mic with the power of a studio condenser is a game changer!" Joseph Pomarico, engineers at Atlantic Records NYC

But listen for yourself and watch the live performance video of Sebastian Mikael's song "Mission"

MTP 550 Teaser
MTP 550 DM

High gain before feedback, low handling noise, zero hassle.
The new vocal performance standard.

MTP 940 Teaser
MTP 940 CM

True condenser studio technology in a handheld body.