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Feb 14, 2017 5 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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Grammy winner

It was an unforgettable night with unforgettable highlights! On Sunday, February 12th, the 2017 Grammy Awards celebrated the music industry’s finest achievements of the past year. Our special congratulations go out to official LEWITT endorser Brian Vibberts, audio engineer for Lalah Hathaway’s latest record Lalah Hathaway Live, which was named Best R&B Album. Well deserved!

This isn’t Brian’s first Grammy Award-winning production. Overall, the albums he’s participated in making have swept up a total of 250 Grammy nominations and 65 Grammy Awards!!! His patience with artists, professionalism in the studio, and perfection of each and every project have earned him a fantastic reputation in the music industry. Vibberts, also known as “Dr. Vibb,” has been creatively involved across a wide range of genres recording or mixing numerous multi-platinum artists including Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, The Pussycat Dolls, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, and countless others.

Brian’s favorite LEWITT mic is the LCT 550, the quietest microphone in the world.

Brian Vibberts

At this point, we also want to congratulate everybody who was nominated for a Grammy but didn’t win one this year... Supa Dups has already expressed his disappointment on Instagram:

Supa Dups

We’re sure you’ll have better luck next year, though – our fingers are crossed for all of you!

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