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LCT 1040 reviews

Oct 18, 2022 10 min read

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LCT 1040

In this article you will find a collection of various reviews of our LCT 1040 microphone system - videos and magazine articles. We are sure that they will help you to find out if LCT 1040 is right for you. 

Video reviews (EN)

Andrew Huang
Andrew gives a quick rundown of the LCT 1040. He also records several different instruments. Go and check it out! 
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Are you looking to use the LCT 1040 for voice-over work? Then you absolutely have to watch this video. Boothjunkie puts the LCT 1040 through a very thorough test and tries all features, tube voicings, and options. Grab your popcorn and have a look
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Colt Capperune
Colt is a Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Producer, and Session Guitarist in Nashville. In his review, he records different vocalists, gives you a product rundown, and tells you why he thinks the LCT 1040 is the most advanced microphone.
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Eduard Smith
Have you wondered how our most expensive microphone compares to a more affordable and simpler option? In this video, you can check out how the LCT 1040 compares to the LCT 240 PRO - sound samples included.
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EposVox puts the LCT 1040 to the test and goes over every little detail. Check out his more streamer-focused video.
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Henning is a seasoned recording veteran. He checks out the LCT 1040 and records a whole song with all the different sound options. You can learn all about the subtle differences of the tube voicings with male vocals int his video.
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Bandrew puts the LCT 1040 through his rigorous testing routine. He also compares it to several other microphones, including the LCT 440 PURE, LCT 840, LCT 940, a Neumann U87, and U67.
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Present Day Production
In this video, you'll get a product rundown and some acoustic instrument sound samples. 
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Have you wondered how a recording of a church organ with a stereo pair of LCT 1040s sounds? Find out in this one.
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Produce Like A Pro
Warren Huart ist testing the LCT 1040 by recording a whole song. You can also download the multitrack of the song.
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Spectre Sound
Glenn Fricker puts the LCT 1040 through a metal-focused test. Check out his video and listen to how the LCT 1040 works with heavy metal production. 
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White Sea Studio
White Sea Studio compares the LCT 1040 other microphones, a Neumann UM57, U47 FET, and an AKG C414. 
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Magazine reviews (EN)

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Magazine reviews (DE)

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