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LCT 640 TS Feature & Giveaway

Oct 23, 2018 5 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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Warren Huart using LCT 640 TS


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In this Produce Like A Pro episode, Warren Huart is recording his Harmony Stella guitar with our next-gen microphone - the LCT 640 TS. In post-production, he then changes the mic’s polar pattern with the LEWITT POLARIZER plugin. All made possible by the innovative Dual Output Mode of our award-winning mic.

Enjoy watching the video! Don't forget to enter the giveaway on Produce Like A Pro here

Warren Huart on his experiences with the LCT 640 TS: 

“I was very impressed with this microphone. For one thing, it provides an amazing, very balanced sound, so it lends itself to recording almost any instrument or sound source. But it also innovates in terms of the way we record music: the LCT 640 TS records both sides of its capsule simultaneously and independently, which allows you to capture stereo recordings or blend your room sound with the main recording – all in one microphone! And because it’s one single capsule, the two tracks are perfectly in phase.”

“But that's not all: LEWITT has designed a plugin specifically for this microphone that lets you change the mic’s polar pattern in postproduction. This ‘Polarizer’ plugin enables you to blend the two channels whichever way you prefer, enhance room sound, and adjust the polar patterns from cardioid to omni and figure 8. So the Polarizer gives you the ultimate flexibility in shaping your sound. You could probably spend weeks trying out all the different recording techniques, patterns, and blends you can achieve with this microphone.”

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