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What is Record-Ready sound?

Mar 22, 2024 4 min read

Philip Stempel

Using the right microphone is crucial for capturing great recordings and performances. The right microphone can instantly lift the artist's mood, giving the performer the confidence to focus on their art and make post-production easier.

That is why we created Record-Ready sound for our microphones.

In this blog, we will explain how it helps artists worldwide express themselves.

What is Record-Ready sound?

Our Record-Ready sound helps with your productions by getting you close to the finish line from the start. 

Record-Ready sound gives you polished results from the start.

It makes you sit well in the mix which helps your performance as you can better imagine how the finished result will sound from the first take.

After the recording session is done, the main elements usually need to be tweaked in post-production so they stand out and can be heard clearly. That does not mean you will not want to adjust the tone and vibe after recording. But the process will be faster and easier with Record-Ready sound.


Why we created the Record-Ready sound.

Our vision is to make it easy for everyone to express themselves with exceptional sound. Creativity should come first, and your gear is there to enhance your performance and make it easy and fun to sound phenomenal.

We create gear that aims to reduce technical barriers and make the creative process as easy as possible.

The Record-Ready sound in our microphones is the foundation for that. With Record-Ready sound, you will be able to get to the finish line more easily. It will make post-production fast, giving you confidence in your performance.

How we achieve the Record-Ready sound.

Our studio microphones boost the highs (starting at around 2 kHz) between 3 to 5 dB to ensure that your recording cuts through the mix. That creates a modern, airy, and realistic sound without sounding harsh. With meticulous tuning and attention to detail, we achieve this phenomenal sound. The Record-Ready sound.

These sound characteristics and our high-end specifications give you outstanding tools to express yourself while sounding sensational.

When designing microphones, and especially their capsules, we have the following technical goals:

Low self-noise
Our design ensures noise-free recordings even with heavy processing typical for modern music production.

High maximum SPL (sound pressure level)
Our design handles high sound pressure levels, so you don't have to worry about overloading the microphone.

Polar pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
Our capsules have a consistent polar pattern and superb off-axis rejection to capture the desired signal and avoid unwanted background noise and reflections. This is helpful when recording in less-than-ideal conditions, such as acoustically untreated rooms, a home studio, or a live multi-track recording session with multiple instruments in the room.

Record-Ready sound is made possible through meticulous tuning of the capsule.

Check out the blog "A guide to LEWITT studio true condenser capsules" to learn more about our capsules.

LEWITT capsules

Which microphones have the Record-Ready sound?

All our condenser microphones aim to give you Record-Ready sound. Below, you can find a few highlighted products.

If you want to get an overview of all our microphones, go to the microphones overview page.

If you want to hear the Record-Ready sound in action, check out the sound samples on the product pages or listen to songs recorded with a LEWITT microphone on the main vocal on Spotify!

LCT 540 S

Capture every detail.


LCT 640 TS

Ultimate FET studio microphone.


LCT 1040

Ultimate microphone system.


Sometimes, you are looking for something that sounds a little bit different, something with a different vibe and style. Or you have a rather harsh sound source that needs some taming. Don't worry; we have the right products for these situations, too.

A bright source that already sounds problematic in the room might need a microphone that tames the high-end. One that shapes and improves the sound and reduces harshness. In such a case, you need the right tool for the job.

For vocals, PURE TUBE, LCT 940, and LCT 1040 would be great options to achieve a great sound and tame harsh-sounding frequencies in the highs.

LCT 940

Studio FET and tube microphone in one.


LCT 1040

Ultimate microphone system.


For instrument recordings, the LCT 140 AIR lets you switch between AIR and FLAT mode. The FLAT mode reduces the high frequency in a subtle and nuanced way.

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