MTP W950 stage
MTP W950 stage

MTP W950 - a live sound revolution.

Modular microphone system - available 2023

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MTP W950 product
MTP W950 product

MTP W950 modular microphone system

Studio sound unleashed on stage.

The MTP W950 combines studio technology with excellent feedback safety and industry-leading bleed rejection. This allows for superior vocal clarity for the artist on stage and more creative freedom for the live sound engineer.

  • 1" true condenser capsule for studio sound on stage
  • Over 90% rear rejection throughout the whole frequency range
  • Detachable capsule compatible with industry-standard wireless systems
  • Switchable polar patterns, low-cut, and attenuation
  • Immune to pop and wind noise via dual-layer design
  • Cupping-safe design to avoid tonal coloration

Premium performance

Developed for professionals by professionals.

LEWITT product manager Roman Jagl is an active touring live sound engineer with over 20 years of experience.

By making his vast experience and field testing an integral part of the development, we addressed common weak points of live microphones and integrated the solutions into the design.

Roman has been testing the MTP W950 modular microphone system in venues of all sizes - from comfy clubs to the largest festivals. Some say he built the microphone system to make his job easier.

Roman Jagl FOH
W9 capsule open mobile
W9 capsule open

Studio technology on stage

Custom 1" true condenser capsule for perfect clarity.

This 1" true condenser capsule delivers incredible sound on stage with a depth and clarity only known from studio recordings. 

MTP W950 on stage

A new benchmark

Over 90% rear rejection throughout the whole frequency range.

One of the biggest strengths of the MTP W950 is its excellent feedback safety and industry-leading bleed rejection.

With a rear rejection of over 90% throughout the whole frequency range, the 1" true condenser capsule can unfold its full sound potential without restrictions, even on loud stages.


MTP W950 open
MTP W950 open

Compatible with industry-standard wireless systems

Modular microphone system with detachable capsule.

Wired setup

Screw the microphone capsule onto the included handle to get a wired XLR condenser stage microphone perfect for smaller stages and rehearsal rooms.

Wireless compatible

The thread and electronics are compatible with a variety of wireless transmitters including all Shure® compatible systems. Easily combine your preferred system with the outstanding performance of this 1" true condenser capsule. 

Settings MTP W950 mobile
Settings MTP W950

Adapt to any situation

Fully equipped for all scenarios.

To adjust the settings of the capsule, unscrew the top part of the head cup. 


For very loud vocals or when you're running a sensitive handheld or preamp, you can engage the 12 dB attenuation.

Low-cut filter

Engage a low-cut filter set to 120 Hz to reduce structure-borne noise, remove unwanted low-end frequencies or reduce the proximity effect.

Polar pattern

Switch between cardioid and supercardioid, depending on your stage situation. 

MTPW950 cupping save mobile
MTPW950 cupping save

Retain your clarity

Cupping-safe and immune to pop and wind noise.

The cupping-safe design avoids tonal coloration even when you're grabbing the MTP W950 at the basket. 

The dual-layer design at the top of the capsule reduces pop and wind noise to an absolute minimum and protects the capsule from condensation while retaining clarity. 

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