Lauren babic using the LCT 540 SUBZERO microphones for her vocal excercises

20 easy vocal warm-ups you can do in 5 minutes

By Lauren Babic

OCT certified vocal teacher Lauren Babic shows 20 quick and easy to follow vocal warm-up exercises that will work wonders for your voice - whether you're a vocalist, singer, or a (voice-) actor. 

The simple exercises help artists from all genres, be it pop, alternative, soul, metal, or spoken word.

Go and give them a try, and improve your performance!

The video contains the following vocal warm-up techniques:

  1. Yawns - helps you to relax jaw, throat & tongue
  2. Hhh's - helps you to engage your diaphragm
  3. Lip rolls - helps you to loosen up our lips, vocal cords, and face muscles
  4. More Lip rolls
  5. Shoulder lift and relax - helps to get rid of shoulder tensions
  6. Hip bends with lip rolls - loosens your hip area and grounds your body
  7. ZZZ Seesaws 1,4,1 - helps you to iron out the kinks and tightness in low and mid range
  8. Octave scale lip rolls - helps to expand your vocal range
  9. High Hee's - helps you to control your breath
  10. Me Gee Ee's - feel your vocal folds open and close on the ee
  11. Ya ya's (tongue out) - relaxes your tongue
  12. Gee yaws - relaxes your tongue
  13. Aa aa's - helps with breath control
  14. Vocal Fry - relaxes your vocal cords
  15. Squeaky Door - is a good tool for vocal development
  16. Ma ma's - gives you more power by controlling the breath
  17. Ya ya's - helps you to relax larynx, jaw and open back of the throat
  18. Rollercoaster - helps to connect head voice with chest voice
  19. Hee hee hay hay's - this warms up your screams
  20. Hee heeya hey - this warms up your screams

Lauren used her LCT 540 S microphone to record this video.

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