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The best free VST reverb plugins in 2023

Jan 26, 2023 4 min read

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Life as a music producer is not easy. Fortunately, some ultra-motivated developers can empathize and provide their plugins so creatives can be creative. This is a philosophy that we approve of. 

In this blog, you will find a list of reverb plugins that can help you make your recordings sound more alive. 

If you want to know more about how reverb works, check out our other blog, "What is reverb?". 

What is reverb?

Reverb occurs when a sound is reflected off surfaces, giving you the feeling of spaciousness.

Some surfaces alter or dampen the original sound's frequencies, creating a character of the “room” or “space” you are in. For mixing, we use digital emulations of different spaces to give our production the feeling of depth and liveliness.

A mix without any reverb can be perceived as sterile; it is simply too dry.

Different devices have been created to add reverb directly to an electrical signal, e.g., spring and plate reverb. Also, since we use reverb (the indirect sound bouncing off from surfaces) for our daily orientation, it is natural for humans to perceive a mix of reverberated sound and direct sound (wet/dry).

Long story short: Reverb rules.

1) Valhalla Super Massive by Valhalla DSP

Valhalla Supermassive is a free reverb VST that will become your absolute favorite if you like your reverbs and delays... Well, MASSIVE.

Get ready to submerge yourself in luscious clouds of echoes and feedback with this one.

Valhalla Super Massive Reverb

Super Massive comes with 18 different out-of-this-world reverb and delay presets with probably some of the coolest names in the industry (such as “Great Annihilator” or “Large Magellanic Cloud”).

Type: Echo/Delay

2) RO-GOLD by Black Rooster Audio

The RO-GOLD is perfect for those of you who like a touch of luxury in your lives. It’s a replica of a 24k gold plate reverb known for a warm and mellow tone.

RO Gold

The plugin is simple to use and accessible so that you can get that iconic sound of plate reverb from the 50s and 60s hit songs right away!

Type: Plate 

3) Protoverb by U-He

Protoverb is not like other reverbs – it's an experimental plugin that is not supposed to sound clean and free of any resonances.


It’s a room simulator that builds up as many room resonances as possible to create a natural-sounding reverberation. As it’s still a prototype, you can get a free copy from U-He's website.

Type: Room

4) Oril River by Denis Tihanov

Oril River is all about the intuitive interface. This free reverb plugin will allow you to get the reverb you need in a matter of seconds, whether you’re looking for the characteristics of a small room or a vast hall.

Oril River Plugin

Unfortunately, version 2.0.3 Beta was the last one, which will not get updated, but it still works with most DAWs.

Type: Hall

5) MCharmVerb by Melda Production

MCharmVerb is not only a wonderful, lush-sounding reverb plugin... It’s a part of a bigger package called MFreeFXBundle, which includes 37 free VSTs by Melda Production.

McCharmVerb by Melda Production

Suppose you’re looking for an ultimate bundle of plugins. In that case, you will have difficulty finding a better deal – MFreeFXBundle covers all the bases, from a basic compressor and EQ to auto pitch correction.

6) Dragonfly Reverb by Michael Willis

Dragonfly Reverb is a package of free, open-source reverb effects, including hall, room, plate, and early reflections.

Dragonfly Reverb

Unlike many competitive products, it’s very natural sounding & adds a certain fullness to the tracks. Its simple yet charming user interface makes it a pleasure to use!

Type: Hall, Room, Plate

7) OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo

OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo uses a classic stereo reverb algorithm, which produces a clean sound that will blend well with your mix.


The free plugin’s interface offers great control, allowing you to tweak it exactly how you want it to sound, whether you’re after a plate, room, or hall reverb.

Type: Plate, Room, Hall

8) Tal-Reverb-4 by Tal Software

Tal-Reverb-4 will take you back to the 80s with its vintage sound characteristic. The signature sound of the plugin could be described as "modulated vintage," very diffuse, with a fast build-up time.

Tal Reverb

It’s, of course, free & a lot of fun to play around with!

Type: Modulated

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