Martin Zöscher tested the LCT 040 MATCH and the LCT 140 AIR on his YouTube channel Zed Marty Production and summarizes: 

had the chance to be one of the first reviewers of the LEWITT LCT 040 MATCH and 140 AIR. I tested both, the 040 MATCH in a stereo setup and the 140 AIR as a single mono microphone on the acoustic guitar.

Due to the surprisingly small form factor of the 040 MATCH, I was really blown away by the full and detail-rich sound. The stereo separation is really well balanced, especially when using them in an ORTF configuration. 

The high-frequency lift on the 140 AIR is a nice feature when recording darker and mellow sounding guitars, but of course, there’s also the option to use it with a flat frequency response for capturing realistic and true sounding sources. 

I can really recommend those microphones to any audio engineer, as the price-quality ratio is unbeatable and you get excellent workhorse microphones for any source!”

Listen to the LCT 140 AIR on ukulele

LCT 040 MATCH Stereo pair Product image

Extremely well-matched stereo pair of instrument condenser microphones for your acoustic guitar and drum recordings. 

LCT 040 MATCH SINGLE Product image

Instrument condenser microphone for easy acoustic guitar and drum recordings.

LCT140AIR Teaser

Instrument condenser microphone with two switchable sound characteristics. Choose between an open and sparkling tone or a highly-realistic sound.