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LCT 240 PRO Giveaway

Jun 6, 2019 5 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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Lauren Babic recording CrazyEightyEight song Nitroglycerin with the LCT 240 PRO microphone

Killer live vocal performance by Lauren Babic singing Nitroglycerin of her band CrazyEightyEight. It's so impressing, how Lauren can switch between the different vocal techniques from screaming to clean singing so effortlessly. 

And some good news... you now have the chance to win the LCT 240 PRO condenser mic, Lauren used to record this song. Lauren will tell you how to enter the giveaway at the end of her live performance in the video below.

Lauren about her experiences with LEWITT microphones: 

"The LCT 240 PRO is a very versatile entry-level condenser mic; you can use it for vocals, guitars, drums, and many things. 

It's very durable, I like how it feels and obviously, I love it in white - it looks super cool!

Throughout my time working with LEWITT I've used the LCT 550 condenser mic and later its successor, the LCT 540 SUBZERO. I've used it to record the vocals on the "Wonder" & the "REDEEMER" EP by Red Handed Denial, I've used it to track the screams on "Burning Alive", I've used it to track pretty much every cover I've done with Cole Rolland, and for the covers on my channel. So I'm a huge fan of LEWITT.

I've done a ton of microphone shootouts, but nothing ever came close to how I wanted my voice to sound through a microphone. So the one thing I like most about the LEWITT mics, is that they capture a really bright tone, but at the same time they keep that tone warm and I think that's the one thing that a lot of microphones lack.

I've noticed from a lot of microphones out there, that they give you just a flat sound or that they are a little bit too hard on the treble side.

LEWITT has been the only microphone brand out there, that has been able to capture the nuances of my voice that I wanted to translate."

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