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LEWITT partnering with the Vienna Composition Lab

Sep 28, 2023 2 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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This past summer, LEWITT had the exciting opportunity to partner with the Vienna Composition Lab, an immersive music-composition program in its first iteration.

About the Composition Lab

Led by the composer David John Roche, the 10-day composition workshop welcomed aspiring young composers from around the world at Vienna’s prestigious Musikverein.

David John Roche
David John Roche - source:

Within this framework, they explored the creative journey of becoming a composer; this included receiving personalized lessons, attending seminars, and securing commissions.

Recording at the Borromäus Saal

The compositions that emerged from the Vienna Composition Lab were recorded on July 19 at the Borromäus Saal by the Wiener Festspiele Ensemble under the supervision of Toby Purser, the Head of Conducting at the Royal College of Music, London.

Borromäus Saal
Borromäus Saal

The Borromäus session represented the first time that the compositions were played by musicians, with LEWITT providing an array of microphones and technical assistance for the recordings. The microphones used were 2x LCT 540 S in ORTF stereo, 2x LCT 441 FLEX set to supercardioid in spaced stereo, and 2x LCT 040 MATCH placed separately to capture the direct sound of the cello and brass section, respectively.

Orchestra setups

How does it sound?

A segment of Xavier Everaert’s composition recorded by LEWITT microphones in this configuration can be listened to here.

The future of music innovation

The Vienna Composition Lab’s focus on harboring the future of classical composition mirrors LEWITT’s own vision of innovating contemporary recording technology, and we look forward to partnering together on future initiatives from our home in Vienna, the music capital of the world.

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