"What I love most about the LCT 550 is that it captures an honest sound."

X.ARI [Photo © danabramoviciphotography]

X.ARI, formerly known as Daniella Watters, is a singer-songwriter from Toronto currently living in Los Angeles. Her focus is to use music "as a catharsis to channel pain into something meaningful and artful". Musically, the songstress deftly dances in and out of genre lines, moving from entrancing alternative pop to gritty hip-hop under a cover of electronic elegance. She's released her first EP titled Tunnel Vision in summer 2016 and recently released her second EP Dis-Order, which is part of her Pain into Power campaign for mental health awareness, an issue ARI cares about on a personal level. Struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and ADHD herself, she hopes that through her projects she can help others with self-acceptance and break the stigma attached to mental health.

X.ARI about her LCT 550:

"What I love most about the LCT 550 is that it captures an honest sound. When recording vocals I prefer them to sound natural and retain warmth & texture. With LEWITT microphones in the booth, I know I am in good hands. I know that I can perform with confidence using the world's top audio gear. Plus the mic is very easy to transport and comes with a handy carrying case!"


Photo Credits: http://www.danabramoviciphotography.com/ 

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