"The LCT 450 really makes my bass sound great!"

Brandon with his LCT 450 studio condenser microphone

Kevin “Brandino” Brandon is a legendary bassist and producer in today’s music scene – and since discovering the modern sound of LEWITT’s LCT 450, he’s become official LEWITT endorser. 

Brandino has achieved great success working with many of the world’s top recording artists, entertainers, and musicians, and is involved in a myriad of events within the music, entertainment, television, multimedia, sound design, and film industries. He is a double hitter, working in the jazz field while also being a classically trained bassist. 

As a bassist, Brandino is a veteran of 7 Grammy-winning productions and has recorded with such greats as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Christina Aguilera, Will.I.Am, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Outkast, Mary J Blige, Usher, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Brandino also played his beautiful upright bass at our huge LEWITT microphone shootout and we had the honor to talk with him about his experiences at the shootout.

[LEWITT] What do you think about the concept behind the microphone shootout?

[Brandino]What was bold about this situation today with LEWITT was, that they actually compared their mics with all the other manufacturers. I think it was a great gesture and took a lot of balls to do this and I think the consumers will be able to hear for themselves, how good the LEWITT microphones sound, compared to the microphones of the competitors.

[LEWITT] What was your microphone of choice today?

[Brandino] I heard many other microphones beside LEWITT, but my mic of choice is the LCT 450. It really makes my bass sound great. It has a lot of finesse and body to it. If you play an acoustic bass, you will agree that it’s a great mic for that instrument.

I use a 100-year old Grunért bass with a low C-extension for orchestra playing. From the low C to the high G-string, there’s an even and consistent natural tone, no matter whether I’m playing arco or pizzicato.

There’s a high quality sizzle on top and a natural sounding low end. A lot mics sound good in arco but sound like dog meat when you switch to pizzicato – muddy and without great articulation. But not so with the LCT 450. The LCT 450 makes my bass sound like everyone wants to give me money for my bass, because my bass sounds that good. That’s the bottom line.

I own a beautiful-sounding bass and the LCT 450 is a beautiful-sounding mic. Check it out, you’ll like it!”

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