Guillermo "Memo" Gómez

“The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 is spectacular!”

Memo (front of house of Carlos Vives) uses the LEWITT DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 on drums [Photo: ©Guillermo Gómez ]

The Grammy Award-winning engineer, who's been the FOH engineer for Ruben Blades for decades, has toured the world and worked at some of the most famous festivals and venues including the North Sea Jazz Festival (Holland), Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), American Airlines Arena in Miami, Madison Square Garden in New York, Zócalo (Mexico), Rock in Rio (Brazil), Viña del Mar (Chile), and many more.

Memo is currently on a wold tour with Colombian artist Carlos Vives, who’s one of the current top acts in Latin America.

DTP 640 REX used on Carlos Vives Kick Drum
DTP 340 TT on Toms
LCT 340 on Overheads
MTP 440 DM on Snare

Memo says the following about his DTP Beat Kit Pro 7: "With the DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 we get much more energy on the kick, more body on the toms and snare, and super-clear overheads!!! Really impressive. The DTP 640 REX has eliminated the need for any plug-ins. There's no need to use software anymore, the bass drum sounds great just with the mic. The guys from the PA company asked me about the mics. For now, all I can say is that they’re spectacular.”

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