Metropolis Studios

"The clarity and the stereo image of the two LCT 640 TS are incredible."

LEWITT mics at Metropolis Studios [Photo © Tom Roland]

We have teamed up with Metropolis Studios to explore new music and fresh talents in the intimate concert series Clash Live @ Metropolis. These shows take place in the legendary Studio A, one of the world’s most renowned recording spaces. 

Studio engineer Alex Robinson about his mic of choice on overheads: "The clarity and the stereo image of the two LCT 640 TS are incredible. They're very well matched, and I rarely come across a pair of mics that sounds so good together."

Learn more about Clash live @ Metropolis in this video

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MTP 940 Teaser

MTP 940 CM

  • 1" true condenser capsule
  • Studio technology on stage
  • Low-cut and pre-attenuation
  • Multi-pattern design


DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 Teaser

DTP BEAT KIT PRO 7 - discontinued

  • Drum microphone kit
  • 1x DTP 640 REX for a massive kick drum sound
  • 1x MTP 440 DM for a lively snare sound
  • 3x DTP 340 TT for toms and percussion
  • 2x LCT 340 for overheads, cardioid and omni capsules


LCT 640 TS

LCT 640 TS

  • 1" multi-pattern studio microphone
  • Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound
  • Revolutionary Dual Output Mode
  • POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern after the fact
  • Stereo capabilities


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