Steve Styles

"The LEWITT DGT 650 is all I need!"

Steve Styles in his hotel Room using the DGT 650 USB microphone and interface

Steven Rodriguez, better known as Steve Styles, is a highly trained musician, musical director, bassist and keyboardist. As an “in-demand” touring musician, Steve has toured as the bassist or synth bass player for a wide variety of well-known artists including Demi Lovato, Cody Simpson, Jason Derulo, Neon Hitch, Sevyn, Nick Jonas, Alicia Keys, Lola Sobe, Toni Braxton, Alejandro Sanz, Britney Spears, Jazmine Sullivan, Greyson Chance, and many others. Alongside being known as a great “in-the-pocket” player, Steve is also known for his “make it happen no matter what” attitude and always having good vibes and a smile on his face.

Steve would never go on tour without his DGT 650 – recently, he told us why:

"I love the LEWITT DGT 650 USB microphone, it’s awesome. I use it a lot more than I thought I would. In fact, before the kickoff to the new Demi Lovato tour, I’m going to use it to record the live backgrounds for the tracks so they have a fuller sound. The DGT 650 is seamless: I record vocals into it directly, and via the USB output it goes into a Logic master session on my Apple computer. It’s very easy to use. I also have a Neumann U87 with a Scarlett interface that I used to take on the road. But I find that it’s easier to get a much quieter sound with better rejection and less ambient noise using the DGT 650. Though it’s incredibly quick to use, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a great sounding microphone. I just do some minor tweaking to get to the mix I want. I actually add a lot less in post with the LEWITT than I do with the Neumann. The DGT 650 is transparent and natural sounding. It’s great – I love that about it, and I’m not taking the U87 out on the road anymore. The LEWITT DGT 650 is all I need – it’s very convenient.”

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