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At the moment, there is no active mixing contest. But the overwhelming success of our last mixing competition was a sure sign that you want more of them. 

We are already brainstorming about the next contest. You can also help out, tell us what you want to mix next in this short survey.

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Meet the geniuses

The unbeatable mixing contest winners.

Like many of you, we wanted to get to know the winners better, so we contacted them, and they were kind enough to share some of their experiences with us. 

Let's find out who the winners are and what they did to win!

Meet the winners

Saint Agnes live

It's over

Mixing contest feat. Saint Agnes

The latest mixing contest is over. The winners have been drawn, and we are honestly overwhelmed. Thanks so much for all your mixes, your messages, you are the best. 

Especially to all those who've given constructive feedback to others on their mixes, we would like to say a big thank you. That's how an audio community should work; we are grateful that you participated so actively in the mixing contest. It will definitely not be the last one.

Here are the winners.

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Multitrack download

25 Reasons by  Louis Berry

The mutlitracks features the single ‘25 Reasons‘ by Louis Berry recorded at Clash Live @ Metropolis.

The video presents the mixed and mastered version of the award-winning engineers at Metropolis Studios. Do you take the challenge to compete against them?

Check out more details in the blog from the Louis Berry contest.

Get the multitracks

Jazz multitrack download

COSMIX Studios session

To showcase our microphones, we did a live recording session at the renowned COSMIX Studios, located in the heart of Vienna. Download the multitrack session of this song and mix it your way.

Check out the blog about the session.

Get the multitracks

Mixing tutorial with Metropolis studio engineer

Watch and learn from the pros.

Are you interested in how the pros approach their mix?

Gabriel sat down with Alex, studio engineer at Metropolis London, taking you through his mix version of "Move Like A Ghost," step-by-step.

Alex mixed artists like Bullet For My Valentine, Chris Rea, David Guetta, and more.

Saint Agnes

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Learn and get inspired.

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Winners will be announced on the 14th of February 2020.


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