LEWITT music challenge feat. Spitting Ibex mobile
LEWITT music challenge feat. Spitting Ibex

Music challenges and mixing contests

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The mixing contests and music challenges below have ended, but the stems and multitracks are still available for download so you can practice your mixing skills. 

Stay tuned for the next music challenges and mixing contests.

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Multitracks of the song "Seeds of your sorrow"

Music challenge feat. Spitting Ibex

The band Spitting Ibex came to the LEWITT studio and recorded their song “The Seeds of your Sorrow”. Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Spitting Ibex bring fresh Funk for your soul. Futuristic vintage sound or retro future music – whatever you want to call it, Spitting Ibex build contemporary bridges connecting generations. 

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Multitracks of the song "Dirty"

Music challenge feat. Marina & the Kats

We teamed up with Marina & the Kats, a Viennese neo swing band, and recorded their song “Dirty” in our LEWITT studio. You can download the 28 multitrack session and be as creative as you want with it. You can mix the tracks, cover the song, produce a remix, do whatever you want.

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Multitracks of the song "Home"

Music challenge feat. AVEC

We believe that even when people must stay apart, music will always bring us together. Austrian folk-pop star AVEC remotely recorded a version of their hit song Home, all to inspire creativity in you and your friends and to prove that you don’t have to be in the same room to make music together. Mix or remix the song, record a cover, play along with it – it’s entirely up to you. There are no limits.

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Saint Agnes live

Multitracks of the song "Move like a Ghost"

Mixing contest feat. Saint Agnes

We teamed up with London-based rock band Saint Agnes. Download the live recording multitrack of Move Like A Ghost taken from Saint Agnes’ exclusive set at Metropolis Studios and create your own mix of the song. 


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Multitracks of the song "25 Reasons"

Mixing contest feat. Louis Berry

We have teamed up with Metropolis Studios to explore new music in the intimate concert series Clash Live @ Metropolis. Louis Berry was on fire and took the roof off the legendary Studio A in September's live recording session. Now you can download the multitracks of this session for free. 

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Multitracks of the song "The place"

COSMIX Studios session

To showcase our microphones, we did a live recording session at the renowned COSMIX Studios, located in the heart of Vienna. Download the multitrack session of this song and mix it your way.

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