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Project 1040

Developing the ultimate microphone system

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Development video

Join us in the LEWITT studio and watch the development video on Project 1040.

Together, we'll improve the status quo of your studio workflow.

You probably know how it goes in many recording sessions. It starts with a long process aiming to find the right sound for the voice or instrument you want to record. 

Our vision is to make the process of getting the perfect sound as easy as possible by giving you that sound you envision, the one you already hear in your head.

Now we are bringing our prototypes to recording studios all around the world to make sure the outcome is the best it can be.

And we also want you to be part of the final result.

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Become a beta tester.

While we are testing our prototypes in renowned studios around the world, we invite you to become part of Project 1040 as well. All of your feedback will have a direct impact on the sound of the final product, which will be the centerpiece in many high-grade studios around the world.

Apply for beta testing and make yourself heard.


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Collaboration is key

Project 1040, what has happened so far.

Project 1040 began as an extensive dialogue with our friends in the audio community. 

It's this partnership that always helps us to learn about pain-points, understand how to improve the recording workflow, and give you the tools that you really want. 

glowing tube mobile
glowing tube

Finding the right sound

The sound in your head.

We found that tube technology provides the greatest flexibility to create different sound characteristics.

Picture a glowing tube. Now you may think about a warm, compressed, saturated sound, yet the person next to you may have been thinking about hi-fi-like clean sound. All of that can be true for a tube microphone.

After countless prototypes, we settled on four sound characteristics; Clear, Warm, Saturated, Dark. 

Read about the sound preference survey

The perfect workflow

Dial in the perfect sound, remotely.

The ultimate microphone system will give you a comprehensive set of options to dial in on the perfect sound. And what is the best spot to hear it? Right at your studio desk, in your sweetspot!

You’ll have a remote control on your desk, which communicates with the mic via standard studio 3-pin XLR cable.

Not only will you save time and effort, but your sessions will run smoother and sound better than ever.

Alex console

Intense fine-tuning collaboration

Testing our prototypes all around the world.

Now we’re at the point of taking Project 1040 to the next level. 

To make sure that the product is going to be the best it can be, recording engineers around the world are testing our prototypes over the next weeks and months. The feedback we’ll get will help us to make the microphone system even better. 

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