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Developing the ultimate microphone system - Update on community feedback

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What Project 1040 is about.

Our vision is to make the process of getting the perfect sound as easy as possible by giving you that sound you envision, the one you already hear in your head. We are developing the ultimate microphone system that provides you the freedom to get the perfect sound for every recording. 

To make sure the outcome is the best it can be, we are testing the prototypes together with the community through our beta testing program in recording and home studios all around the world and online.

Thank you for beta testing.

By taking part in Project 1040 you help to shape the ultimate microphone system. The application for our beta testing program is over for now. 

However, with all of your great inputs and feedback, we have now completed a new generation of prototypes that we will send out in the near future. Thank you for your strong interest in Project 1040 and all your valuable feedback.

Check out the impact you made on the new prototypes!


Details on the prototype updates

Thai long Li

Intense fine-tuning collaboration

What has happened so far?

Audio enthusiasts all around the world are testing our prototypes. Right after NAMM 2020 and before the travel ban, we were able to put our earliest prototypes to real-world tests.

Among others, we visited Bryant Siono, Justin Stanley at Stella Sound Studio, Bob Horn and Erik Reichers at Echo Bar Studios, Thai Long Ly at Bell Sound Studio, Warren Huart at Spitfire Studios, JP Negrete at Melrose Sound Studios, Julian Bunetta at Family Affair Production, Jay Baumgardner at NRG Studios, Glenn Fricker at Harmony Studio, Fabrizio Grossi at The Lair, The Stereotypes in their own studio, and Harmony Samuels at BOE Music Studios. 



About the prototype.

  • Four distinct all-analog tube characteristics: Clear, Warm, Saturated, Dark
  • An independent FET circuit with a dedicated XLR output
  • Both circuits can be seamlessly blended and recorded via a dedicated XLR output
  • Remote control and power supply unit
  • Low-cut filters and pre-attenuation settings
  • Seamless polar pattern control

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