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Working with Audio Test Kitchen on the ultimate mic shootout

Hear for yourself how our mics stack up to hundreds of other others on the market with

Oct 31, 2019 2 min read

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Microphone testing anechoic chamber

What is Audio Test Kitchen?

Audio Test Kitchen (ATK) is an online platform for desktop and mobile that enables you compare 300 different microphones on the exact same sources in an unbiased manner. 

So, how did they accomplish this? They teamed up with 65 manufacturers and the world’s most foremost audio research labs to develop a system that can accurately capture the true essence of every single microphone on the same set of sources, including vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano and percussion. All sound samples are level-matched and use the same mic position, signal chain and source. 

To put it simply, this allows you to spare yourself the marketing hype and concentrate on what really matters, the sound itself.  

We think ATK said it best, “Trust your ears. Bias and distraction are stripped away. Recordings are standardized, levels are matched. The website is tuned for one thing: delivering the information you need to make a confident decision.” 

LCT 940 tests

Why do we think it’s cool?

Because we think it is vital to trust our own ears first and foremost. Frequency graphs and specs are great, but what matters most is if it sounds good in the real world. As the saying goes, “if it sounds good, it is good” and we want customers to feel empowered to make that decision for themselves.  

ATK have gone above and beyond to ensure that the sound samples were all recorded under precisely the same conditions, so you are getting an accurate, scientifically standardized comparison with every mic. All sound samples are captured with no variation in level, mic position, signal chain or source. It is only with this kind of attention to detail that a real comparison is possible at all. You can be sure that we take the same kind of care when testing and designing our own microphones, so we love the approach that ATK is taking to creating their virtual mic library. 

Have fun browsing, and we hope you find your new favorite mic soon. We are also excited to share that they have officially created a mobile-friendly experience of the virtual mic locker as well.  

How LEWITT partnered with ATK

Beyond just supplying mics for the project, LEWITT’s LCT 440 PURE condenser mic served as a benchmark to help ATK find the perfect mic position to record the Yamaha Disclavier self-playing piano. The honest, detailed and open sound of the 440 was the ideal candidate for discovering that sweet spot where the most accurate image of the instrument would be captured. Learn more in their blog post How the LEWITT 440 helped ATK find the sweet spot. 

LCT 940 on piano
The LCT 940 captures one of the identical performances given by the Yamaha Disklavier piano from the sweet spot


Here’s a personalized mic locker

Now it’s time to go hear the difference for yourself. We have put together a custom mic locker so you can hear how our range of sub $1k mics stack up against each other and against a mic over 4x more expensive.  

If you notice something interesting or want to share your observations with us, we would appreciate your feedback. 

Check out the personalized mic locker now!

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