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Thai Long Ly at Bell Sound Studios on Project 1040

We teamed up with Thai Long Ly and Ryan Quinn to test the Project 1040 prototype.

Apr 8, 2020 2 min read

LEWITT Content Team
Enthusiasts at work

LEWITT teams up with Ryan Quinn and Thai Long Ly to test the prototype

We visited Bell Sound Studios earlier this year to put our Project 1040 prototype to the test and discuss all matters sound related with tone connoisseur Thai Long Ly and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Quinn. They are both part of the music collective Postmodern Jukebox. 

Thai Long Ly has been in the business of nailing takes for a long time. He works in the A studio of Bell sound studios and has an acute understanding of what it means to craft a sound from both sides of the glass as an engineer and a performer.

His insights into creativity and performance have become a staple of his approach to sound. And its precisely for this reason that we wanted to reach out and approach him to find out what he thinks of Project 1040 and to take the prototype for a spin.

Thai Long Ly and Ryan Quinn checking the prototype

Creativity reigns king

As professional musicians, engineers and producers - we are constantly asking ourselves the same question; how can we perfect our practice to make our work more efficient so that we can do more? And not just in the sense of getting work done, but taking it further and beyond to perfect our craft.

Find out why creativity and the rights tools to get there are such an important part of the workflow by watching the video below.


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