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Best microphone 2024 - PURE TUBE

Jan 17, 2024 2 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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It's official. PURE TUBE wins the 2024 Sound on Sound award in the category "Best Microphone".

Innovation is key.

PURE TUBE was holistically designed to allow you to deliver your best vocal performance. It was released in 2023 and uses an entirely new circuit to create its timeless sound quality. The circuit originates from the "LEWITT lab", a research framework established in 2020 to push audio technologies to their limits.

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Today, we are happy to announce that PURE TUBE was awarded "Best Microphone 2024" by Sound on Sound Magazine. For us at LEWITT, this award shows that innovation is welcomed in times that still put a strong focus on vintage designs. A focus that still dictates the industry and that we constantly work on shifting towards a forward-looking approach. 


"With PURE TUBE, we married a classic sound with a cutting-edge design and made tube microphones fit for modern production styles without riding the vintage train. More importantly, we created an easy choice for anyone looking for that premium vocal sound without spending thousands of bucks", says Roman Perschon, CEO of LEWITT. 

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