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A guide to LEWITT tube microphones

Jul 26, 2022 5 min read

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LCT 840

So you want to get a tube mic, but aren't sure which model is right for you. We made this blog to help you decide! Read on to learn about LEWITT tube microphones and the differences between them. 

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PURE TUBE - Timeless premium sound

  • ​​​​​​Studio microphone with 1" true condenser capsule
  • Optimized for vocal and speech recordings
  • Adds warmth, depth, and intimacy to your voice
  • Revolutionary circuit free from capacitors and semiconductors
  • Ultra-low noise performance
  • Hand-selected 12AU7/ECC82 tube
  • Transformer-based filter balances proximity effect
  • Includes shock mount with attachable magnetic pop filter

PURE TUBE is the newest LEWITT tube microphone, with a modern design that offers advantages over other tube mics. Tailored specifically for vocal recording, PURE TUBE provides a timeless, premium sound using a revolutionary new circuit free from semiconductors or capacitors in the signal path. With this design, the hand-selected ECC82/12AU7 tube can show its true color, enhancing any vocal performance with warmth, depth and unparalleled clarity with ultra-low noise. 

Should I get PURE TUBE? 

PURE TUBE is the perfect mic for vocalists, as It offers low noise and naturally reduces proximity effect. This makes it perfect for recording vocals and voiceover. If you're looking for that natural harmonic tube saturation on your vocals with minimal tweaking, PURE TUBE is the best choice.

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LCT 840

LCT 840 - Multi-pattern tube microphone

  • 12AX7 tube
  • Five switchable polar patterns
  • Three attenuation settings (up to -20 dB)
  • Three low-cut settings (up to 300 Hz)
  • Integrated power supply & remote control

The LCT 840 is fully devoted to warm tube sound and is our gold-standard recommendation for everything from vocals to full orchestras. The power supply also functions as a remote control letting you quickly select from five polar patterns, along with pre-attenuation and low-cut options.

Should I get the LCT 840?

The main differentiator of the LCT 840 is its polar pattern selection. If you're looking for a bit more flexibility for sources other than just vocals, but aren't in need of additional tone options beyond tube, the LCT 840 might be a good choice. 

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LCT 940

LCT 940 – A tube and FET microphone in one

The LCT 940 gives you the characteristics of both a tube and an FET microphone, with the ability to blend seamlessly between the two. This makes it highly versatile and valuable in the studio, allowing you to dial in the perfect sound on just about anything. You’ll have the natural warmth of a tube microphone for when you’re recording a soulful lead vocal, as well as the high-end clarity of a FET mic for amps, cymbals, and acoustic guitar. 

Should I get the LCT 940?

The LCT 940's biggest benefit is you get all the benefits of a tube microphone, but aren't locked into that sound if its not right for your track. You'll be able to blend in the FET circuitry if you want a more "modern" sound. You should get the LCT 940 if you're looking to have more control over the tone of your microphone without relying entirely on your preamp.

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LCT 1040

LCT 1040 - The ultimate microphone system

  • 4 all-analog tube characteristics - Clear, Warm, Dark, and Saturated
  • E88CC / 6DJ8 tube
  • Blend-able FET circuit and seamless polar pattern control
  • Detachable remote control lets you tweak settings from your sweet spot
  • Four attenuation settings (up to -24 dB)
  • Four filter settings (up to 120 Hz)

Developed in close cooperation with Grammy-winning studio professionals, the LCT 1040 gives you the power to create the sound you envision on any source. You get all the benefits of the previous two microphones: tube circuitry for warm sound, blend-able FET settings for more flexibility, and switchable polar patterns. This microphone also includes four distinct analogue tone settings, and the detachable remote control lets you control it all from your studio sweet spot.

Should I get the LCT 1040?

This one goes beyond being a simple tube microphone. The additional tone controls and FET circuit give you nearly endless options for your tracks—you really could record an entire song with just the LCT 1040. Accordingly, it's the best choice if you want to invest in a microphone system that'll be your studio centerpiece.

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