Pete Thorn using the LEWITT LCT 440 PURE to record acoustic guitar

LCT 240 PRO & LCT 440 PURE & MTP 440 DM

Review by Pete Thorn

Pete Thorn recorded a full track with LEWITT mics, featuring the LCT 440 PURE, the LCT 240 PRO, the MTP 440 DM and the LCT 340. 

Here's what Pete says about the LEWIT mics:

"We've been using the MTP 440 DM dynamic microphone on snare drum and it just sounds nice and fat and yet cuts through and it sounds great on the electric guitar as well - I've used it as a single mic on one of the solos and on the guitar cabs blended with the LCT 440 PURE. It's a nice alternative to some of the usual suspects. 

We've used the LCT 340 on the high hat and on the ride cymbal - really great small-diaphragm condenser microphones!"

Listen to Pete's amazing track in the video below: 

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LCT 340 Teaser

LCT 340

  • Extremely precise sound reproduction
  • For sophisticated instrument recordings
  • Low-cut and pre-attenuation
  • Interchangeable capsules, cardioid or omni (optional)




  • Pure studio sound quality
  • Studio allrounder
  • High-end specifications
  • Cardioid polar pattern


MTP 440 Teaser

MTP 440 DM

  • Lively and punchy sound
  • Works great for snare and amps
  • Durable materials for longevity 
  • Cardioid polar pattern


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