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Review LCT 640 TS

Zed Marty Production

Zed Marty Production released a great review on Gearslutz:

I tested this microphone now for a couple of weeks and it quickly became one of my go-to microphones. Beside the features like low cut, pad and different polar patterns it is a very neutral and "true" sounding microphone. Similar to the AKG C414 XLS it has a slight high-end boost and a very flat mid frequency response making it a truly versatile microphone.

The main feature of the LCT 640 TS is the dual output design. It has two diaphragms - back and front, each having its own output. This allows you to make stereo recordings with one single 640 TS.

It also comes with a free plugin called "Polarizer" giving you the possibility to change the polar pattern after recording. For example, if you have recorded your perfect acoustic guitar take with the cardioid pattern but now you want to have a little more room sound, you can fire up the "Polarizer" plugin and select the Omni to give it a little more space. Very handy and quite innovative! 

I also did a review on my youtube channel for those who are interested in a sound sample:

Zed Marty Production近期在Gearlutz上发布了一则很赞的测评:

我测试了这款话筒有几周了,它很快就成了我的。。除了像低切这样的功能,平直响应和多个指向性,是一款声音自然和忠实的话筒。就像AKG C414 XLS有轻微的高端和很平滑的中端频响,非常多才多艺。

LCT 640 TS的主要特点是双输出设计。具有前后两个振膜,并具有单独的输出。所以,一支LCT 640 TS就能录制立体声。


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LCT 640 TS

LCT 640 TS

  • Full, crisp, and well-balanced sound
  • Revolutionary Dual Output Mode
  • POLARIZER plugin to create any pattern after the fact
  • Stereo capabilities
  • Multi-pattern design


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