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Project 1040 kicks off with global tour

Jan 20, 2020 6 min read

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Disclaimer: Project 1040 was the project development name for the released LCT 1040 microphone system. -> Go to LCT 1040 product page

Project 1040 officially kicked off this week, sparking a wave of collaboration that should scatter the globe over the next few weeks. The Project 1040 tour will stretch from west to east as a part of our mission to create the ultimate microphone system that allows you to dial in on your perfect sound.

LEWITT Project 1040

Developing the ultimate microphone system.

Well, you probably know how it goes in many recording sessions. It starts with a long process aiming to find the right sound for the voice or instrument you want to record.

This usually includes running back and forth between your mixing desk to the studio to swap out mics, leading to many interruptions that kill your flow. Project 1040 aims to create the ultimate microphone system that makes the process of getting your perfect sound as easy as possible by giving you that sound you envision, the one you already had in your head.

So, we would like to share with you the next exciting steps in the development and testing process. And of course, you are invited to join in with the shaping of Project 1040 as it grows by becoming a beta tester. 

It all began with last week’s NAMM convention on Thursday the 16.01.2019, our launchpad for Project 1040 in Anaheim, California. We were delighted to take part in this event and to drop the curtains on our newest and most challenging development concept to date; “Project 1040".

Where to and where next?

While in LA, we took the opportunity to visit some of the world's most renowned and exclusive studios to test our prototypes that may realize this vision.

Last week LEWITT was lucky enough to launch the Project 1040 tour laying down some tracks with LA producer and engineer with Bryant Siono, before hopping on to the next studio with Kyle Kashiwagi and The Stereotypes. We also joined Glenn Fricker from Spectre Media Group for a headbanging session too.

This week, LEWITT is excited to kick things off with recording expert Justin Stanley for a vocal session, followed by Cameel Hannah at the Sound Factory with Mark Ronson. Tuesday begins with tracking legends NRG Recording Studios, before hitting up The Echo Bar Studios. Midweek is set up for a morning session laying down vox with Fabrizio Grossi, and on Thursday, we will join JP Negrete and Harmony Samuels for more!

Our LA tour will end with Family Affair and Rami Jaffee before pack up and head to Asia to present Project 1040 for the 'Prolight + Sound' international professional light and sound exhibition in Guangzhou, China.

Stay tuned.

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