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Why is the MTP W950 so expensive?

Feb 2, 2023 5 min read

LEWITT Content Team
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MTP W950

799.- for a vocal microphone? Why not buy a new guitar, pay a mortgage, or get 300 cups of coffee instead? It’s highway robbery, I tell you!

Just kidding. I’m here to tell you the MTP W950 is absolutely worth it if you’re looking for consistently great sound onstage, night after night. To prove it, here are five reasons why the MTP W950 is such a valuable tool for live performance.

A condenser mic for the stage

There’s plenty of debate on dynamic microphones vs condensers. Condenser microphones offer more detail and assist vocals in cutting through the mix, but are too sensitive to be used outside of a recording studio. Most live vocal microphones are typically dynamic mics because they are less sensitive and can handle higher sound pressure levels (SPLs).

Kehlani in Gasometer Vienna
Kehlani at Gasometer, Vienna 2023

Do condenser microphones pick up more bleed than dynamic microphones? Not according to our noise rejection test.

As a condenser microphone built for the stage, the MTP W950 will give you all the clarity and detail you’d expect from a studio recording while remaining highly feedback resistant. This means it can handle very loud sounds, so you’ll still sound clear even when your band is bashing away in the background.  

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1" true condenser capsule for studio quality

With the MTP W950, you have both a reliable microphone for stage and a killer studio microphone as well. In fact, it offers a few advantages over a typical studio condenserMTP W950 in the studio

  • Low structure-borne noise: The MTP W950 is shock resistant, so your take won’t be ruined if you accidentally bump the microphone. Maybe you even want to perform with the mic in hand, without a stand? We won’t stop you.

  • Resists plosives: You won’t need to set up a pop filter, because the MTP W950’s capsule already has you covered.

  • Consistency: You can literally take the sound you’re used to in the studio onto the stage, and vice versa. You’ll get great results either way.

Weather resistant

Not just in the studio but outside, in rainy or windy environments, no less. The plosive-reducing mentioned above capsule also resists sudden gusts of wind, saving you and the sound engineer some severe headaches in inclement weather situations.

MTP W950

The detachable W9 capsule lets you use the mic anywhere on the stage. If you need to go wireless, detach the W9 capsule and attach it to the venue’s system. As it’s bleed-proof, you can sing in your guitarist’s face or rock out next to the drum kit without muddying up the stage mix.

Road-tested and approved

Something must be said for having a “personal” microphone that you can take anywhere, whether you’re rehearsing or performing. Each microphone goes through our rigorous testing process to ensure it can withstand anything you can throw at it.

Plus, we put the MTP W950 through a comprehensive beta testing process before its release. Professional live sound engineers put the microphone into the hands of artists like Rolling Stones, Kehlani, and T-Pain, night after night. 

And don't forget, the MTP W950 comes with a durable road case to protect it on your way to the gig. 

Seiler und Speer

Use it wired or wireless

With the MTP W950, you won't have to compromise your sound if you need to go wireless. You'll have one microphone that will work in any situation.

If you go to a huge venue with its own wireless system, you normally wouldn’t be able to bring your own microphone because you need to use the venue’s setup. With the W9 capsule, you can simply unscrew it from the handle and attach it to the venue’s transmitter.


There you have it. Don't be scared by the price tag—if you're in the market for a live vocal microphone, the MTP W950 is worth its weight in gold. Still not convinced?

Head over to our product page for more details on this amazing new microphone.

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