Discontinued products

Products in this section are discontinued and are available in an updated version.

LCT 240 Teaser
LCT 240

Highly versatile studio and live microphone in a compact enclosure. 

LCT 450 Teaser
LCT 450

Single-pattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone for highly nuanced sound.

LCT 540

The LCT 540’s cardioid 1" capsule, enclosed by an extra-large hexagonal grille, captures elaborate, exceptionally nuanced sonic details and optimizes isolation of the main sound source by rendering off-axis sounds.

LCT 550 Teaser
LCT 550

0 dB (A) self-noise from electronics and circuitry.

LCT 640
LCT 640

Highly versatile multi-pattern 1" condenser studio microphone.

MTP 240 DM/DMs

The MTP 240 DM and MTP 240 DMs are rugged and exceptionally feedback-safe dynamic cardioid microphones tuned specifically for vocal applications. Suited for all vocal live performances.

MTP 340 CM/CMs

Our MTP 340 CM and MTP 340 CMs are quality condenser vocal microphones with a thin diaphragm back-electret capsule featuring a cardioid polar pattern.

Current version: MTP 350 CM/CMs

MTP 540 DM/DMs

LEWITT’s MTP 540 DM and MTP 540 DMs are high-performance cardioid dynamic handheld microphones optimized for vocal applications setting new standards of sound quality in both demanding studio recordings and onstage use.